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Community FAQ/Resources/Affiliates


If you have any general questions about the community that have not been addressed here, feel free to ask! Specific questions relating to certain layouts or graphics should be addressed here.

» General Community Questions
» Layout Questions
» Icon Questions
» Miscellaneous Graphics Questions


» How do I join the community?

Just click here. You may feel free to watch it too if you would like to see updates on your friends list.

» Who owns and maintains this community?


» Why don’t you reply to every comment?

By keeping my replies to a minimum, I can track how many comments a post receives and thus how well liked something was, and if I should create similar things in the future. Also, I find replying “thanks!” or some sort of variant a little redundant. However, I do appreciate and read EVERY comment I receive!

» I asked you a question and you still haven’t responded?

On layouts, especially older layouts, I only go through the comments about once a week. For a much faster reply, I highly encourage you to post on this entry.

» What’s the best way to quickly find what I’m looking for?

By far the memories.

» Do you make custom graphics?

Sorry, but no, I’m afraid I just don’t have time. I have done a few commissions, but those are pretty rare.

» Would you like to affiliate with my community?

Sorry, but my affiliates list has grown quite large, so I’m afraid I’ve had to close myself to new affiliates for the time being.

» Can I ask you a question on your personal LJ?

I respectfully ask that, please, you keep all questions pertaining to this community on this community. Remember, if you have a specific question pertaining to either a layout or graphics, post it here!

» How do I credit?

To properly credit for icons, make sure to type what is shown in the comment box below:

To properly credit for layouts, make sure the following is somewhere (generally your profile, but your friends only entry or sidebar is fine too!):

As for fonts, textures, etc. being added to a resource list is just fine.

» Is it necessary that I credit?

Well, no, I won’t send hit men after you if you don’t. It’s so that others can find and use the graphics if they like them – it’s just respectful.


Make sure to consult the FAQ located under each and every layout! These address specifics related to the layout. Also, for questions related to any specifics post on this entry.

» Can I edit the layouts?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! There is no need to ask my permission. Go ahead and change the code to your liking. Just remember to credit me for the base CSS.

» Can I edit the layouts and then redistribute them?

Yes, this is fine – however, make sure to leave credit. And please don’t bury the credit at the bottom of a thousand word post in 1px font.

» My layout looks all messed up!?

Make sure that “Use layout’s stylesheet(s)” is set to either Yes or No, depending on which the layout requires. (Just check the entry – it’s bolded and labeled “very important”, you can’t miss it)

» My entries are starting halfway down the page?

Make sure to cut all large images, fonts, tables, quizzes, etc. If you’re still having issues, consider decreasing the width of the #maincontent by about 10px.

» My header isn’t showing up, even though I’ve followed all the instructions?

Make sure of the following:

a. You’ve correctly entered the height and width. The width: ###px; height: ###px; should be changed to read something like this: width: 500px; height: 200px;. Obviously, these need to match the actual height and width of your image.
b. Make sure you have the correct URL of the image, and that it is entered correctly. The background-image: url(URL OF IMAGE HERE); line should read like this: background-image: url(http://i18.tinypic.com/4r07sar.png); If you are using Tinypic, make sure you have copied the line that says “Direct Link for Layouts”.

» What is this whole S1, S2 thing anyhow?

Taken from LJ’s own FAQ: Style System 1 (S1), LiveJournal's original style system, uses overrides and the Edit Style page to customize your journal. Style System 2 (S2) has a simple and easy-to-use "wizard" interface that is an easy and flexible way to customize your journal. Additionally, S2 allows in-depth, advanced customization as a LiveJournal-specific programming language.

Change your journal's style system by selecting S1 or S2 at the Journal Display area. When you switch your journal between S1 and S2, each style system's settings are saved so you can try the other style system without losing the settings for your current one.

» Why did you stop making S1 layouts?

I don’t particularly like them, to be honest. I probably will never make another.

» What are these ‘types’ of S2 – Flexible Squares, Smooth Sailing, say what?

These are merely different journal “templates”, each one being slightly different then the other. I mostly use Flexible Squares, as it is the one I am most acquainted with. I have, however, dabbled in Smooth Sailing a few times, and I’m planning a Mixit layout.

» How do I get rid of the ads?

You’ll have to change your account to a Basic type. Just go to your account page (click “Account” next to your username and the star in the header) and switch to Basic.

» How do I change how the ads are displayed?

Just click “customize” located on the ads.

» How do I edit the links in my sidebar?

Over here.

» Can I use this layout over on GreatestJournal, etc.?

Sure, no problem, just link back to this community. You’ll have to make all the modifications to make it work though.

» Do your layouts work in all browsers?

They have been tested in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

» How did you make your mood/music look the way they do on your journal?

To do this, you’ll need a paid account. Good? Then head on over here.


» Where do you get your images from?

I try to credit (as much as possible) where my images are from in each posts. Generally though, most stock images are from veer.com.

» What type of icons do you generally make?

Mostly, I create stock icons, though I’m starting to branch out more.

» Can I hotlink your icons?

Sure, if you don't have your own image host. I would appreciate you not going crazy and posting them everywhere though.

» Where do you get your textures, brushes etc.?

I list all of these in my resource list.

» What’s the best way to find the icons I’m looking for?

The memories.

» Where are the titles of your LJ cuts from?

They are all quotes from Emily Dickinson’s poetry. She’s my namesake, so naturally I have a soft spot for her.


» Will you be adding more fonts, textures, etc.?

Yes, I will!

» What if I want to request more fonts/textures/tutorials, etc.?

Just post on this entry telling me what you'd like to see more of!




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  • abstract wallpaper

    1024x768 | 1280x1024 | 1440x900 | 1600x1200

  • chuck/supernatural/stock icons

    Count: 21 Theme: Chuck, Supernatural, Stock Please comment with the numbers you are taking (hover to see the number)! Make sure to give credit to…

  • Heart Wallpaper

    800x600 | 1024x768 For resolutions greater than 1024x768, just set the background color to black!